About Us

PROCIVIL Consulting Engineering is a specialist civil engineering design consulting practice providing civil infrastructure and development design services to local government and property development sectors.

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Our Capability

PROCIVIL offers professional and experienced civil engineering insight through a full project cycle from engineering feasibility and concept option assessment through to the functional and detailed design of civil infrastructure for tendering and construction.

PROCIVIL aims to provide a technical balance of ‘Innovative’, ‘Analytical’ and ‘Practical’ engineering decision making. Our technical capability is supported by Our Approach of ‘Commitment’, ‘Communication’ and ‘Collaboration’, which is reinforced by Our Values to result in outstanding engineering consulting and design services.

PROCIVIL has established a network of specialist professional firms and contractors that we can highly recommend to deliver an effective wider level of service from project conception to completion. Please click on our Partners tab to see our range of specialist partner services.

PROCIVIL is based in Melbourne, Australia, and uses the latest, industry leading civil engineering design software and computing technology and maintains access and subscriptions to current GIS and survey data as well as industry standards and codes.

PROCIVIL has excellent professional working relationships with approval and referral authorities as well as maintaining membership with industry associations.

PROCIVIL Consulting maintains current professional indemnity and public liability insurances.

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Our Approach

Our Approach supports Our Technical Capability. Our Approach is reinforced by Our Values.

We endeavour to deliver best-for-project results for our clients through our ‘Commitment’, effective ‘Communication’ and our team ‘Collaboration’.


Our commitment is to provide innovative, analytical and pragmatic civil engineering design services to agreed project objectives, timelines and budgets.

We are committed to working with clients, project teams and referral authorities in a relational manner that promotes trust, openness and respect to better facilitate these outstanding outcomes.


We endeavour to provide effective communication with clear and efficient correspondence.

We will listen carefully to ensure client objectives and requirements are understood.


Our collaborative, unassuming and down-to-earth approach aims to facilitate project teams to perform at their best and to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Our Values

Our Values reinforce Our Approach. Our Approach supports Our Capability.

The values that we operate by are the foundation for all our relations and business transactions.

  • We are open and honest, and act in good faith with the utmost integrity in all we do.
  • We strive to achieve the best-for-project results for our clients.
  • We value and provide genuine and respectful professional relationships.
  • Relationships with our clients, partners, authorities and associates are all critically important and matter to us.
  • We work with approval and referral authorities with respect and consideration and regularly achieve expedited results.
  • We believe a ‘win-win’ outcome is possible in every business transaction.
  • We understand the synergy of effective cooperation between clients, partner firms and authorities and seek to achieve better outcomes by working for and with each organisation.
  • We seek to understand the objectives of our clients, partners and authorities and by such to provide a focused and effective professional service.
  • We value our clients’ needs and objectives – whether a specific project outcome or project timeline we will work to achieve the desired outcome.